We, at Hott Destinations Travel, are Certified Sandals Specialist which means we have visited every resort that we have to offer you [many times] and work closely with each of them to ensure your honeymoon or special getaway exceeds your expectations.

We are highly trained and have an extensive network of professionals to provide you with the best air travel, lodging, excursions, meals and memories for your special occasion. 

We will work with you to plan your complete trip from beginning to end and even add a few surprises for just being our client. If you have particular questions about any items or resort, just contact us and we can answer them. 

Why Use A Travel Agent?

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1) How much does your services cost? Our services are free to bride/groom [or clients]. The various resorts pay us to work directly with you. More often then not we are also able to help with your expenses here too. [ie, parking at the airport, etc.]

2) How far in advance should I begin to plan my honeymoon? It's NEVER too early. The further out from your wedding date the better chances we will be able to get your better deals, cheaper pricing and more extras. 

3) What happens if we run into trouble with our lodging, planned events, etc while we are gone? You simply contact us and we will fix everything from here. From the time we meet until you return from your getaway we are there every step of the way.

4) What if we don't know where we want to go? We have so many options to choose from for your special day. WE can give you a variety of ideas, things to do, places to eat and special pampering ideas that you don't even know exist.

5) Do I have to do a whole bunch of activities or can I just relax? Absolutely not. Your honeymoon or vacation is yours. You can schedule as many activities or as few as you want. Even when you arrive at your destination, we can adjust any activities.